Business: International Business, Leadership, Marketing, Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Copporate Sustainability, Ethics.

Management and Development: Knowledge Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Modern Workplace, Strategic Management, Critical Management Studies, Management Information System, Resources Management.

IslamicFundamentals of islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic economy, Islamic management, Islamic law, Syariah law, Islamic and work ethics management, Islamic entrepreneurship, Islamic Psychology Management, Leadership and Da'wah, Aqedah and Philisophy, Issues in Islamic Economics, Issues in Islamic Sosial, Quran and Sunnah Studies, Usul al-Din & Comparative Religion.

Education: Application of Psychology in Teaching, Basic Educational Research, Computer and Multimedia in Education, Creativity in Management for Effective School, Educational Management and Administration, Educational Sociology, Evaluation in Education, Financial and Physical Management in Education, Human Resource Development in Education, Leadership in Education, Legal Aspect in Educational Management, Organizational Behaviour in Education, Pedagogical Theories and Practices, Philosophy and Education in Malaysia, Quality Management in Education, School Management and Supervision, Strategic Management in Education.